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Alternative 80s.

A visual celebration of the creativity of 80s alternative fashion.

80's photos!
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
A visual celebration of 80s punks, goths, new romantics etc.
This is a community for showing pictures of 80's goths, punks, new wavers and other people from that era with extraordinary styled hair, clothes and/or make up.

Show photos of alternative 80's people, bands with fitting aesthetics, pictures from movies, scans from books or magazines etc. See the interest list for examples of what kind of things we want. We want to see lots of big hair!

Posting is moderated, and we will deny all entries we don't think fit the community.


If you know who is in the photo, who took it or where you got it from, include that info.

New pictures of 80's looking people are allowed if they're really good. If we don't think it's 80's enough we will deny the post, but don't be discouraged! Post better pictures next time instead :)

Promoting other communities is ok only if the community is about alternative 80's stuff.

Auctions are ok if they're for great 80's clothes, and we decide what's good enough! ;)

70s punks are welcome too.

Nudity is completely ok if you can find any that fit the community theme.

If you post more than one picture, put the rest under an lj-cut. If you post one gigantic picture, put that under a cut as well.

Don't say mean things. If you do we will remove it and ban you.

This community is maintained by johannakatt and minnaloushe.